Company Overview


Hybrixcel was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2017 based on research conducted with academic collaboration in Ontario by our founder, Sara Shahmohammadi. Since founding, the team has had strong connections with various research universities and institutes and consulting companies to help build the companies technology and IP portfolio. Hybrixcel will be offering disruptive energy efficiency solutions for the Geothermal, Solar Thermal and Industrial Waste Heat Recovery and other applicable markets based on its proprietary and large format thermodynamic and metal organic based platform that transforms waste heat and waste gases into higher value power.





Company Mission


At Hybrixcel, we are committed to build a leading clean tech company that promote the sustainable use of various thermal energy resources such as geothermal energy or low-mid grade waste heat (an existing by product of operations) as well as clean and green hydrogen to produce electricity and contribute to mitigation of climate change.



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