Energy Efficiency



Energy consumers located off the main grid or at the outer limits of a grid may experience challenges including fluctuations in electricity voltage, the risk of total power loss and the handling of demand surges when major items of equipment are activated. Remotely located industries which rely on energy supplied by diesel or gas powered generators often experience a high cost for electricity and challenges such as interrupted supply. These sites generally have worthwhile amounts of waste heat which can be recycled as low cost electricity using Hybrixcel Power’s technology.


Energy consumers located off the grid such as remote townships or villages or remote islands experience numerous challenges including high cost for power generation, fluctuations in electricity supply and the greater risk of total power loss. Hybrixcel Power’s solution is connected to existing power generation equipment and captures waste heat which is being exhausted with nil benefit.


The Defence sector has significant requirements for remote site electricity supplies. Forward and remote operating bases and airstrips require independent power typically supplied by diesel fired generators. The supply is costly in terms of cash as well as risks to troops and equipment. Hybrixcel Power offers an electricity generation solution which significantly mitigates that power supply task.


Energy intensive industries face strong challenges due to rising electricity costs and environmental limitations. With an estimated 30% of industrial energy input being lost as waste heat, its recovery represents an interesting energy efficiency solution potentially providing for a zero-emission, low cost and abundant resource.